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Bárbara Fráguas and José Jambas

Bárbara Fráguas and José Jambas, managing partners of “Oriolus-Ambiente e Ecoturismo”, have been living in the Mirandese Plateau since 1995. They have lived in Atenor since 2008 in an old house with a traditional moth that they reconstructed.

They are donkey breeders, that live freely in the contiguous lands to the House of Ti Cura, a unit of rural tourism that belongs to them. In Portugal they are pioneers in an experience of extraction of donkey milk, that later originated a project of production of soaps and creams with donkey milk, that are comercialized under the brand TOMELO.

Their approach to the way of life of local people led to a situation of complete integration among the population of Atenor, with about 80 inhabitants.

Ricardo Fráguas

Ricardo Fráguas lives in the city of Maia. He is a musician, developing his work in areas related to teaching, performance and theater. Nature, long walks, travels and history have always been an important part of his life.

Marco Ferraz

Marco Ferraz is a passionate by nature, that changed his career as a Biotechnological Engineer, for a life dedicated to Environmental Education and leading projects related to Environmental Management, Mycology and Nature Conservation.

Tiago Oliveira

Tiago Oliveira is a musician linked to several musical projects and music teaching. He lives in the city of Porto.