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Along these two rivers were born some of the most beautiful Monasteries of the Order of Cister. One of the first to be built on the Iberian Peninsula, in the 12th century, was the Monastery of St. John of Tarouca.

With an altitude between 500 and 800 meters, the morphological characteristics of the terrain, a cold and harsh climate in the winter and hot and dry in summer, make these unique lands, a demarcated region of wine and sparkling wine production.

Major attractions

– Monasteries and Convents of the Order of Cister

– Sanctuary “Nossa Senhora dos Remédios” and Sanctuary “Nossa Senhora da Lapa”

– Localities of Lamego, Moimenta da Beira, Aguiar da Beira and Sernancelhe

– Sierras da Lapa, Leomil, Meadas, Nave

– Mountain villages

– Caves da Murganheira – Sparkling Wine – Cellars

– Wineries

Places to stay

– Quinta dos Padres Santos, Lamego

– Cascata do Varosa, Covas do Varosa

– Solar dos Correia Alves, Moimenta da Beira

– Quinta dos Herédias, Távora

Where to eat

– Taberna do Matias, Ucanha

– O Castiço, Britiande

– Quinta do Melião, Arcas

– Casa do Avô, Sernancelhe

Tours in this region