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In the extent that it separates two countries, Portugal and Spain, the Douro River runs in a deep and steep valley. With an extension of about 120 km, this course of the river is habitat for great gliding birds like the Eagle of Bonelli, the Real Eagle, the Black Stork, the Grifo and the Vulture of Egypt, among others. These species are threatened and find in the cliffs of the river the place to nest and to maintain their colonies.

The 87,000 ha of the park cover 4 municipalities where the main activities are agriculture and livestock. The holm oak or carrasco is predominant at the level of the vegetation, where we also see important juniper, cork oak and black oak forests.

In the southern part of the park we find the international section of the river Águeda, one of the tributaries of the Douro.

Major attractions

– Bird watching

– Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Figueira Castelo Rodrigo

– Inumerous villages alongside the park

– Arribas from Douro

– Historical heritage, castles, churches, castros

Places to sleep

– Casas da Ti Cura, Atenor

– Casa de I Bárrio, Picote

– Terra d’Alva, Barca d’Alva

Where to eat

– O Lagar do Nicolau, Azinhoso

– A Lareira, Mogadouro

– O Encontro, Sendim

– O Mirandês, Miranda do Douro

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