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Oriolus Ecotours

Oriolus EcoTours was created to offer tours of 1 to 7 days, in private groups of up to 4 people, focused on tourism of nature and heritage, always accompanied by one or more guides.

All programs are based on the city of Porto, taking customers up to three regions in the interior of northern Portugal, where tourist pressure does not yet exist. They are: the Mirandese plateau, where the founders of Oriolus live, the region of the Távora and Varosa rivers in Beira Alta, known as “Devil’s Land” and where some of the members of the Oriolus team have family roots, and the Côa River in Beira Interior Norte. They offer a great diversity of places to visit, activities, means of transportation, gastronomy, nature walks, photography, wildlife observation. All programs can be changed and adapted to other schedules, needs or interests.

Programs that include the Côa River region in Beira Alta Interior are made in partnership with Ambieduca.

Registered in Turismo de Portugal with nº1353 / 2016, Oriolus – Ambiente e Ecoturismo holds Nature Tourism Certificate, which allows to operate in different Parks, Areas and Protected Landscapes of Portugal.