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Ambieduca is a registered trademark and created by Marco Ferraz, to stimulate activities of Environmental Education and Tourism Animation and to bring people of all ages to Nature and stimulate healthy and sustainable living practices.

It is an authorized operator to make visits to the Archaeological Park of the Côa and Reserve of the Faia Brava.

Registered in Turismo de Portugal with nº 470/2016, Ambieduca holds Nature Tourism certificate, which allows to operate in different Parks, Areas and Protected Landscapes of Portugal.

Situated in Atenor, Casa da Ti Cura has 3 country houses with different capacities and fully equipped. All of them are decorated in a rustic, simple and harmonious style. In its recovery were used traditional materials of the region and the colors were obtained through natural pigments mixed in lime.

The access, from the center of the village, takes us to a courtyard or corral surrounded by the houses, having this continuity to an extensive pasture land with a traditional loft and where our burrinhas are. In all the outdoor space, with a superb view on the Planalto Mirandês, cozy corners were created that you can enjoy during your stay..

Tomelo, Eco Desenvolvimento, Lda established in 2006, is since then an active participant in several projects for the development of North East region of Portugal mainly in Vimioso e Miranda do Douro. The most remarkable initiative could have been the production of Donkey Milk Soaps made out with milk from  the only Portuguese Donkey bread, actually threatned of extinction.

Valorização da região Transmontana e dos seus Promotion of Portugal’s North East region and defense of its human, natural and genetic heritage. Distribution, commercialization and exportation of products of excellence, including, Donkey Milk Soaps, Donkey Milk Body Milk.Promotion of sustainable employment as solution for the inner regions desertification. Promotion of added-value trought the use and valuation of raw materials never used before.